The bottom sheet is not cut through.

Check the condition of the knife and cutting stick.
Check shear bolt for tight fit.
When knife change is performed from the front, check if eccentric bolt turns self-acting.
Adjust knife to a lower position, but be careful that it does not cut too deeply into the cutting stick. Especially
Autotrim machines are likely to show difficulties with the material transport when the knife cuts too deeply
into the cutting stick.

Stepped cut

If the pile consists of different kinds of material, it will probably behave differently. Consequently, you won’t
manage to obtain a smooth trimmed section when the pile is composed of different materials. For instance
when writing pads are cut and the pile consists of 100 sheets of paper and one cardboard, each. When
the pile of cutting material consists of only one type of material , check the following items.
– Verify the clamping pressure set.
Insert a knife with an angle suitable for the material.
Check the play of the knife bar between frame and front panel.

Notchy trimmed section and/or knife chips

Insert a recently sharpened knife.
Check dimensional accuracy of the knife. Check distance between rear of knife bar and front edge of clamp.
Use a knife angle suitable for the material to be cut. Insert a knife suitable for the material to be processed
Check how deep the knife enters into the cutting stick. Inspect the cutting material with regard to foreign matter.
Check, if dirt from the area above the cutting line has dropped on the cutting material.
Check if knife has been overheated. Reduce lateral pressure onto knife edge.
Reduce lateral yielding in front of knife by employing a knife with double bevel.